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January 2011



Letting go of the Dock.



Southport to .........





Well, the boat hasn't sold even though we've had many people email us and visit the boat it seems there

is always a long term reason for delaying the decision to buy any boat, some of which are; it's too soon,

we haven't sold our house yet, next year all the kids will be out of school, the markets down, we don't

have enough experience............and the list goes on. So for us it is time to find warmer weather and

enjoy the boat and our years on this planet while we can.


We have really enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  Had a great Christmas and New Years! 

And we want to thank everyone for their hospitality. 



While sitting in Southport you just can't help but work on the boat and accomplish all those projects

you think about while overseas when you can't justify the cost and the parts are hard to come by.

So with new electric toilets, a new UV cover on the head sail, having our anchor and chain

hot dip galvanized, TV's installed, and lots of small parts replaced we are heading south.

Let's see where should we go?


It wasn't quite that easy.  On 1 January we headed for North Carolina to prepare the boat and

then the weather became foul as the area experienced several waves of cold weather with the nights

in the teens and twenties, way too cold to spend the night on the boat.  Well, actually with a small

space heater and an electric blanket you can be quite comfortable in the stateroom but don't go to the

head because it's freezing. So we waited and enjoyed the hospitality of Rene's Mom for several more days.  Finally the weather broke and we returned to the boat and went to work.


One last item is a new Lazy Jack sail bag and we are watching weather to head to St John USVI where

we will meet Cousin Dave and Sandee the first week of March.  Fun times ahead!



While on land we participated in a project called "interview with a cruiser".  To read the interview from Shiraz and those of other cruisers check out the link below .....


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