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Annapolis MD


So Shiraz is now sitting in Annapolis MD and our broker, Tommy, is marketing her. 


This summer we are again visiting relatives or should I say living off" our relatives and although we enjoy visiting we want to return to our own place some day. And then there is the ennui created by not having a "to do list" or possibly a job. You know it's comforting when you have a task before you. So the  pangs of being off the boat are starting to resonate but we will return to the boat in August to clean and putter and just check in. 



We have started looking for a house and have spent enumerable hours watching HGTV, DIY and BRAVO catching up on remodeling ideas and estimating cost. But for what, we don't know.  This activity is not just for killing time but rather for the future however long it might take for that to arrive.














Rene spends some time in NC with her family and also to get a complete physical.  Medical costs are outrageous here in the states, or so we think now as compared to the other countries we have visited. Also while visiting in NC it is fun to catch up with family. 



















We check in with our broker Tommy every two weeks or so and find that Tommy is still an optimistic guy but of course that doesn't mean that we are any closer to getting an offer on our boat. 


















It is already August.  We have had lots of time to visit family and now it is time to head back to Annapolis to check on Shiraz and to feel the comforts of "our" home.  We have moved a lot of things off of her and into a storage unit in Richmond IN.  So we wash and clean, check the engines, run the generator, etc and think about where we will head off to if the boat doesn't sell by November.  In the meantime we met a very interesting couple from Wisconsin that were chartering a boat for a week.  They came on board and seem to be very interested but like a lot of folks they have a home to sell and always last minute things to do before making a decision.  Tommy, our broker, on the other hand is very optimistic and tells us not to make too many plans for November as he is sure the boat will sell before then.