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November 2011


We had been looking at a particular house in Richmond, IN for over a year but weren't quite ready to commit.  We wanted to see if the boat sold and if it didn't we were ready to head south again. But the boat sold and after a short negoitation we closed the deal and created another exceptonally long "to do" list.


Our Art Moderne residence was built in 1936 and was leading edge design for it's day.  These flat roof structures typically had a second story setback and a strong theme of horziontal lines. Many examples of this archicture were complimented with a nautical flare since, I believe, the material was less expensive, had a ulaterian appeal and was longer lasting. You can read more about this revolutionary design in Tom Wolfes' book From Bauhaus to Our House. In the book Wolfe is critical of this "proletarian" style of architecture as almost un-American and adopted by the designers so as to be advent garde as opposed to designing beautiful buildings. That be as it may here we are.


And as you know anything that was built in 1936 comes with a great deal of baggage including lead paint, a small amount of asbestos, and a portion of the house that could use an electrical upgrade.


You can see the before pictures to get an idea of the work needed and in pursuing our web site we will provide you with updates on our progress.


















               CURRENT KITCHEN




So this is just a taste of what we have to look forward to.  We do, however, have a vision for this home so wish us luck.



Let the work begin...............






Thanksgiving in Indy thanks to the hospitality of Brad and Kimberly!