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24  October 2005


San Blas Archipelago, Panama  N    W


Brad and Kimberly's Visit


















We had the pleasure of entertaining our son Brad and daughter-in-law Kimberly for a week in the San Blas.  After arriving at the International Airport and spending a night in Panama City their adventure really began.  It started for them around 6:00 the next morning with a short plane ride on a small plane from Albrook airport to the island of Porvenir.  This 30 minute flight even included a plane change somewhere in the jungles of Panama. Brad and Kimberly deplaned along with a few Panamanians (that quickly disappeared into the jungle) while they were left standing without luggage waiting anxiously for  the arrival of another airplane.   The follow up plane finally landed and in no time they were aboard Shiraz and off for the "swimming pool" in the eastern  Holandes.















We were a little concerned that Kimberly would not have enough to do to keep her occupied once here.  In fact one morning she asked , "Hmmmmmm, let's see, we get up and have breakfast, go see some little fish, come back and eat, and then go to bed?"   We looked at each other with a smile on our face and replied, "Yep, that's about it."

















The days were spent with the girls  snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful beaches and the guys spear fishing. On Monday night we headed in for the local island to burn our trash and enjoy the company of the other cruisers in the local waters.  The evening starts at about 5:00 as dinghies land on the beach  filled with trash for the bonfire and food to share.  These pot lucks have been exceptional with fried conch and fish, chocolate deserts, cheeses, and a variety of other hor'dourves.  On this evening we were entertained by a play written, produced and staring Kendal and Quincy from the S/V Chewbacca and supporting cast.















Throughout the week we moved to different locations and even had the opportunity to do some sailing, imagine that!  The days were filled with sun and clear water and the nights with good food and company.  We combined the bounty of our spear fishing activities with that of Camperdown's and were able to have enough for a fish fry on Shiraz.   As the week came near to an end, it was time to do some mola shopping.  We headed back to Chichime Cays for that and visited the families on the islands.  Kimberly purchased several nice molas.  Half the fun of purchasing that special mola is meeting the Kunas that made it and visiting their homes.
















We enjoyed the time Brad and Kimberly spent with us and look forward to their next visit.  In fact, we would enjoy more visitors.  So think about joining us sometime.














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Chichima - San Blas



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