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Each year we purchase either a Mountain Collective Pass or an Epic Pass.  This makes skiing reasonably priced and determines where we ski.  This year we chose the Mountain Collective Pass so we skiied Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole and Powder Mountain.  The pass provides 2 days of skiing at some of the worlds best resorts and any additional days are half price.  One of our favorites, Powder Mountain, isn't on the list but if you're 75 or older you ski free so we had to do it.


















No skiing in Glenwood Springs but went to visit Iron Mountain Spa.  We first experienced Iron Mountain in 2016 when there were about 8 individual pools with different temperatures and minerals, a large hot tub with a large number of jets and a large swimming pool.  At times we were the only guest at the facility.




On this visit we found the operation had expanded about four times with three large swimming pools, an exclusive area that cost extra to enter, a full parking lot, two bars and a very happy owner.



































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